Start Creating AI Videos/Live Streaming with Digital Human, Increase Your Marketing.

AiZoo provide AIGC Commercial Services

(AI Generated Avatar & Voice)

150+ Digital Human

  • Digital human images with different ages, colors and professions to meet rich application scenarios
  • Instantly convert text to speech with human-like AI voices and postures
  • Diverse languages and voices, freely selectable
The advantages of human on-camera materials:
  • Longer duration: 3 times the duration of 2D materials and 1.5 times the duration of 3D materials
  • Higher CTR and play rate: 20% more than others
  • Longer average view time: 30% higher than others
Rewards of investment in digital human marketing:
  • Efficient output and iteration leading to 3 times creative efficiency and breakthrough of marketing bottleneck
  • Digital human avatar, 24h online at any time, extremely flexible
  • Costs of material-creation reduced by more than 90%
Opportunities for developing digital human marketing:
  • Use virtual role play to improve service efficiency by more than 200%
  • Produce marketing videos at scale without the need for real people and with a capacity of 200+ per day
  • Better interaction with consumers in the digital age to improve market competitiveness
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Unlock Your Brand's Potential: Elevate Your Marketing Game with AI Digital Human Video Production

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How to make your own Avatar?

Conceptualization Step 01

Brainstorm your ideal digital persona with our team. We'll provide basic guidelines for the photoshoot, ensuring the perfect image for your avatar.

Avatar Creation Step 02

Utilize our professional studio for avatar photoshoots. Once completed, we'll collaborate with our trusted AI technology partners to train the digital persona model.

Video Production Step 03

Access your personalized avatar through our partner's platform. Easily generate videos with the cloned voice, showcasing your brand across various marketing channels.

our photoshoot requirements
PDF document to ensure a seamless process.
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Clone your avatar & voice today!.

Produce your own virtual digital human doppelgänger, combined with digital oratorical technology can replace the real person on camera. Suitable for corporate communications, education and training, oral video and other major application scenarios.

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AI Avatar Live Stream Your Product




Let AI Avatars do the talking. Our livestream teams will assist you 24/7 Non-Stop Streaming, always keeping your product /service in the spotlight!


Multi-Scene Coverage Live Streaming Solution

Diverse scenarios, multiple anchors, and low-cost live streaming

Home Life
Local Life
3C Digital

Support Multi-Platform Simultaneous Live Streaming

Adapt to multiple live streaming scenarios and support live streaming across multiple platforms. We're always live for you!
Tik Tok
image Shopee
image Lazada
image Facebook
image Aliexpress
image Youtube

How AiZoo team helps to promote your products?

1. Product Selection and Pricing Agreement

We carefully curate local products, primarily focusing on Malaysian offerings, to showcase during the live stream. Next, we negotiate product pricing and promotions with manufacturers, ensuring competitive pricing and enticing deals for customers.

2. Customized Live Stream Setup

Based on the unique features of the products, we tailor every aspect of the digital human live stream setup. This includes selecting the appropriate digital human avatar, crafting engaging live stream scripts, identifying key discussion points, and scheduling live stream sessions. We ensure that every detail is meticulously planned to captivate the audience and drive sales.

3. Seamless Live Broadcasting

With all preparations in place, we launch the live stream event, showcasing the featured products with our digital human hosts. Our team manages the entire live stream process, ensuring smooth broadcasting, interacting with viewers in real-time, and facilitating sales inquiries. Sit back and watch as your products take center stage and attract eager buyers during our engaging live stream sessions.


AI Avatar Live Stream will be
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